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Music Connected Us: An All-Female Show Redefining #GirlPower by The Artist Workspace —

The Artist Workspace Gallery (AWS) recently unveiled its awe-inspiring “all-women” exhibition titled Music Connected Us, which opened to the public on 7 October through 9 October 2022. Curated by Director and Founder Zoë Goetzmann, she fused the individual contributions of two London-based contemporary artists to focus on women supporting women. To further the conversation by drawing on the theme of #GirlPower, MADE IN BED spoke with Goetzmann and the two artists, Anna Kolosova and Melissa Vipri

To Me, To You: A Group Exhibition Reimagining the Everyday by The Artist Workspace — Made In Bed

Founded in 2020 and established in 2021 by Zoë Goetzmann, The Artist Workspace Gallery is a nomadic online gallery and artist agency. Based in London, AWS focuses on the promotion of fine and digital artists scouted via social media and personal connections. With the creation of this virtual space for artists, the gallery’s goal is to create a virtual bridge between emerging artists, mid-career artists and both the digital and traditional art worlds. As Goetzmann believes in the creativity, tale

CNC Graduate Launches Women-Led Online and Virtual Arts Initiative

Founded in 2020 and established in 2021, CNC Alum Zoë Goetzmann is the director of the women-led online and virtual gallery, The Artist Workspace.

The Artist Workspace (AWS) is an online and virtual nomadic gallery and artist agency based in London. The multi-faced women-led venture is formed by director Zoë Goetzmann, curator Nina Paiva and presiding managing editor and writer, Emma Grayson. It is through their mutual vision that they are able to find emerging talent in London and beyond and p

Zoë Goetzmann, Vogue Summer Intensive, July 2019 & MA Fashion Media Practice - Journalism, 2019-2020

At Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, I studied in the Vogue Intensive Summer Course and the MA Fashion Media Practice – Fashion Journalism Programme. During my time at the college, I developed skills in the following areas: writing, editing, styling, producing, marketing and even podcasting. Through both courses and programmes, I gained a thorough understanding of the fashion industry: from a business, practical, artistic and a creative perspective. My experience at the college instilled m

Exhibition 101 Podcast , Ep. #1: Zoë Goetzmann : Cosimo

We finally have a podcast! The ‘Exhibition 101’ podcast will be where we uncover the best and the worst about the art world, throwing out the bad and amplifying the good.

Today's guest is Zoë Goetzmann - founder of , writer, podcaster, and ultimate all-around art fanatic!

Zoë's gallery is hosting an amazing pop-up exhibition in Stoke Newington next week - which you can find out more about .

In our chat, we managed to cover pretty much every big topic in the art world, from commission fees to