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A Guide for Emerging Collectors: A Q&A With Jack Trodd, Founder of Brushes with Greatness

After nearly a decade of working in the corporate and marketing sphere, Jack Trodd made the decision to turn his passion for art into a full-time career as a gallerist, curator, art dealer and art advisor. His gallery and agency, Brushes with Greatness (BWG), presents an annual program of exhibitions, tailored to the unique artistic talents he represents. A young Gagosian-in-the-making, Jack’s natural inclination and savvy entrepreneurship, his DIY and guerilla approach to curation, his innate ability to find “superstar” artists and his dedication to making art as accessible as possible make him “one to watch” in the London art scene and the international art world.

The Road Less and Most Traveled: A Profile on Artist and Printmaker Agathe Bouton

When it comes to taking the plunge into becoming a full time working artist and entrepreneur, Bouton offers this piece of advice to both emerging and mid-career artists: “Don’t be shy and challenge yourself,” Bouton says, “If you are a reserved person, find ways to push yourself,” she continues, “because you cannot predict what will happen in your life and career.”

Whether you are looking to jump-start your artistic career today, or are still striving to attain formal gallery representation, sometimes it helps to take ‘the road less and most traveled.’

The Need for a Common Fashion Language System

Upon completing the Sustainable Fashion Glossary workshop, MA Fashion Media Practice: Fashion Journalism student, Zoe Goetzmann writes about the need for a common fashion language system.

In times when the fashion industry has become increasingly unregulated in its current business practices – the need for a common language system (such as a glossary) – represents a necessary ideal for industry players who wish to incite a more communicative, transparent landscape.

In his work on The Fashion S

The Changing Landscape of the Fashion & Media Industries

Fashioning Change: How the fashion industry, media brands and companies are coping through this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. MA Fashion Media Practice student, Zoë Goetzmann on the Fashioning Change conference.

The Master’s Programme at Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design hosted a two-day conference via Zoom for its students entitled, “Fashioning Change,” delving into how the fashion industry, media brands and companies are adapting to this ‘new normal.’ Topics ranged from audience research, t

Defining Radical Transparency in the Fashion Industry

Thinking about the Importance of ‘(Radical) Transparency’ in the Fashion World Post COVID-19, MA Fashion Media Practice student, Zoë Goetzmann investigates.

Earth Week stimulates a lot of discussion around sustainable fashion. So, it’s with this in mind that I decided to take this opportunity to reflect on a concept that has been on my mind throughout this past year: (radical) transparency.

‘Radical Transparency’ is an industry buzzword first addressed in The State of Fashion 2019, a report co

Life Under Lockdown - Top tips for studying online

What’s it really like studying in a virtual campus? Condé Nast College MA Fashion Media Practice student, Zoe Goetzmann shares her top tips for studying online during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Finding a balance between your work and home life isn’t always easy. And with this current lockdown situation, which has seemingly disrupted all of our lives, here’s a short video diary on how I’ve been spending my days plus tips on how I’ve attempted to stay motivated, productive, healthy and ‘sane’ whil

ʻSurround Yourself With What Makes You Happy!ʼ A Profile on Artist and Entrepreneur Margalit Romano

A jack of all trades, Romano truly does it all: taking on the role of artist, entrepreneur, mother, a “warrior” (for women artists) as seen via her Instagram bio, as well as, most recently, gallery owner, presiding over her own physical gallery space located in Asbury, New Jersey - the title obtained from her Instagram handle “@margalit_arts” - which also represents the driving force and platform which helped to launch her career as a full-time working artist in 2012.

Future Fashion Textile Technology Event - Interview with 3D Designer Annie Foo

Condé Nast College MA Student, Zoe Goetzman interviews 3D shoe designer, Annie Foo at the Future Fashion Textile Technology Event at the Sanderson Hotel, London on the eve of London Fashion Week.

“Fashion will be customizable,” predicts 3D shoe wear designer Annie Foo, when asked what the future of fashion will look like at last week’s Future Fashion Textile Technology event which took place at the Stratford Hotel in London, co-hosted by Hobs 3D, Women in 3D Printing, The Trampery and the Strat

What if Instagram Always Existed?: A Profile on Artist Laurence De Valmy

That is the question that artist Laurence de Valmy strives to answer through her painting series entitled POST, a project that she started at the end of 2016 through which she imagines what it would be like if famous artists from history used Instagram to promote their artwork as well as to connect with other notable artist friends and colleagues.

As Laurence explains, “The base of my work is to share stories. I also realized that a lot of people who might enjoy art, don’t necessarily know a lot about it. But, when you tell them stories, they usually enjoy it [and want] to learn more [about them].”

These Artists Think Instagram Could Replace the Art Dealer

, , and also have substantial followings ranging from 300,000 to 500,000. Brett Gorvy, a partner at It’s no secret that Instagram has made a noticeable impact upon the art market. The Museum of Modern Art and Sotheby’s are among the platform’s biggest art world players., andalso have substantial followings ranging from 300,000 to 500,000. Brett Gorvy, a partner at Lévy Gorvy , is known for his savvy usage of Instagram to promote blue-chip works to his 110,000 followers. Such cases are all well a